Denali CP seeks to partner with

mission-driven, high quality businesses with a strong

social impact

Seeking to retire soon or ready for the next project?

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What we're seeking in a company

We tend to focus on the following sectors (though not exclusively):

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Sports, travel and recreation

An owner who cares about his/her company's future and wants to preserve its legacy
The owner may be seeking to move on but wants to see the company continue to grow responsibly without "selling out"
A growing, niche business, with a "double" bottom line


The company is profitable, growing and is a mission-oriented organization focused on people and a positive, productive customer experience

Solid economic foundation


Annual EBITDA (pre-tax profits) of $1M to $5M with steady margins, ensuring that the company is on solid footing for future growth and impact

About us

If you are looking to retire or move on from your business and ensure your company's success in the future, Denali may be just the right partner.  We are looking for mission-driven companies positioned for long-term success that are focused on their communities.


Denali partners have a combined hundreds of years of experience growing businesses in various industries as investors and operators.  Denali will work efficiently with you,  your customers and your employees to ensure an effortless transition that maintains your organization's role in your community and beyond.

Ethan Castro
Entrepreneur / Managing Partner


Ethan is an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience growing service organizations in technology, education and healthcare.  He has worked as an educator, strategy consultant and executive with organizations that include Monitor Group, Teach For America and Citibank. 
Ethan holds an MA in Education, an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and a JD from Northwestern School of Law.

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